WP#11 M – “Come To Where…” by Max Regenberg

WP#11 M – “Come To Where…” by Max Regenberg

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Großplakate und Zigarettenwerbung – beides Medien, die nun Geschichte sind, finden in dem Künstlerkatalog ihre formale Entsprechung.

The Marlboro advertising images documented by Regenberg have as their primary subject an American Cowboy in the act of either riding a horse, swinging a lasso, herding horses, carrying his saddle, strutting alongside his horse, or casually smoking a cigarette.
Hubertus Butin

It was scary. Really a fright. He was better than christ, he was physically perfect.
Richard Prince

WP#11 M – “Come To Where…” by Max Regenberg
jan 2012
edition 600 pieces
size 305mm x 215mm
weight 0 gramm
128 pages
print vintage b/w offset
fancy screen print finish