WP#16 SURFFICTION by Werner Amann

WP#16 SURFFICTION by Werner Amann

White Press

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SURF FICTION is a bravely photographed and fiercely original visual essay, equally forthright and understated in effect, that codes and decodes styles and techniques and compounds them into a condensed statement.
Markus Frehrking


Werner introduced his 1992 unpublished dummy at Paris Photo 2012 and WhitePress decided to publish the book under the condition that nothing would be changed — not even the odd 90s digital colors.


We spend merciless hours absorbing film, video, and internet collateral. Amann’s greatest trick with this book is to play on the nature of this game.



Brad Feuerhelm, ASX

WP#16 SURFFICTION by Werner Amann
edition 300 pieces
size 215mm x 270mm
82 pages
print high end digital offset
flat-opening sew binding