WP#13 HORSE & CACTUS by Koji Onaka

WP#13 HORSE & CACTUS by Koji Onaka

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“I thought I would go to Mexico. Why, I did not know. It was useless to think about that. I do not know Spanish at all. But, it will be O.K.
Onaka Koji




Onaka darts with the bus and train or on the horse's back through the country, making a few pictures of lazy cows, empty village streets in the midday sun or a large blue locomotive, which pulls a few wagons through a small village and is delighted , that there is not much to do.
Hannes Wanderer, 25books



“Tacos, tacos, everyday,

I feel nostalgic for those days.

Lots of film in my backpack.

I did not have any plans.

I was able to go anywhere.

I could shoot something or nothing at all,

and it was okay.”

Horse & Cactus is about Mexico but even more about traveling as a form of art.

WP#13 HORSE & CACTUS by Koji Onaka
Koji Onaka 2014
edition 250 pieces
size 255mm x 255mm
blind-stamped title
38 pages
print digital offset on Garda Pat Kyara paper
hand-stiched w. light-blue string