WP#18 SYSTEM by Jens Liebchen

WP#18 SYSTEM by Jens Liebchen

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The tradition of tree shaping has come to assume an emblematic role in Japanese culture. Trees and shrubs in Japanese gardens are often drastically modified. Sculptors both control the location of the trees and manipulate the growth of trunks, branches, and leaves. Little, if anything, is left to nature.

Jens Liebchen

The book is a choreography a famous inner city Tokyo park is the stage. It’s the book of the dancing trees.


WP#18 SYSTEM by Jens Liebchen
Dez. 2014 edition of 500 signed and numbered pieces
size 20 x 26,5cm
weight 750 gramm
duotone linen over boards
40 pages
print 5c color offset
sew-binding with custom-colored spine
bibliophilic details such as a photographic inlay on back cover